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About K.I.S. Workout
The purpose of this program is to encourage those who do not work out because of the lack of motivation or commitment it takes to go out and join a health club. It is a simple program for those who are looking for a less time consuming program that can easily and conveniently fit into a busy schedule. Anywhere you go, this program goes.
So, just how simple is it?

• You don’t have to buy any equipment
• You don’t have to leave your residence
• You don’t need a spotter
• You don’t need a workout partner
• You don’t need to purchase a membership

K. I. S. is designed to meet you right where you are. The workout is designed for your peace of mind and physical conditioning.

Peace of mind because there is no cost involved.
Peace of mind because you do not have to leave your residence.
Peace of mind because you are the trainer and trainee.
Peace of mind because the program is tailor made just for you.
Exercising can be fun and effective all by your self!

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits help to fuel and energize your body throughout any exercise program. Keep It Simple, is the program that goes where you are. Anywhere you go, this program goes.

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